This Timelapse Of Canada Is Proof That The Country Isn't Always Buried In Snow

Florian Nick spent six weeks travelling over 5,472km across the western provinces of Canada, waking up at the crack of dawn to point his camera at sunrises, and hiking up mountains to capture awe-inspiring vistas. The result is a three-and-a-half minute short film called Alive that's full of so much colour and detail it almost looks like a painting that's come to life.

Shot entirely with a Sony A7Sii camera and a Spectrum ST4 four-axis motion control rig, Nick captured over 54,000 photos that were eventually assembled into Alive. The film helps dispel the myth that Canada is a frozen wasteland all year round. In reality, there are easily three or four days a year when the sun shines and you get to see more than just snow.

[Vimeo via Mike Olbinski]

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