This Nine Year Old Is Using Her Coding Skills To Save Lives

This Nine Year Old Is Using Her Coding Skills To Save Lives
Image: Supplied

Sarah is nine years old.

After attending some coding classes, Sarah decided to create an app. But not just any app. An app that could really help people.

Called “Beach Safety”, the app is designed to help children and adults alike learn about, well, beach safety.

Sarah was inspired after learning about water safety at school, and learned her skills over the course of two Code Camps

“I wanted to make the app because I think it’s important to teach people and tourists who come to Australia about how to stay safe at the beach,” Sarah told Gizmodo. “I also thought it would be fun to use the skills that I had learnt at Code Camp for something important, like this.”

Sarah hopes the app will teach people how to stay safe in rips, the Australian sun and general water and beach safety.

“People also get to have fun playing the game,” Sarah added.

I asked Sarah if it was tough to make an app.

“Sometimes there were hard areas, which I managed to work it out,” Srah explained. “I had learnt a lot from Code Camp so most of it was easy.”

She learned how to do coding to build her own apps, she explains, “and certainly have fun”.

“The latest level we added java script to it. I have been to two camps and looking forward to these holidays for the next level.”

Sarah also does “some computer work” at school, which has basic coding. And she wants to keep going with her education.

“Coding is something I’d like to keep doing,” Sarah tells me, “I would like to work as a coder when I grow up. I find it really fun to learn new ways to code and build my own apps.”

And if she could code anything?

“Maybe I’d code a robot to assist people with a disability to live an easier life. Or a robot or machine that would help to keep people happy.”

If you want to learn coding, or make your own app, this wise nine year old has some advice:

“You’ll certainly have fun and don’t get upset if it goes wrong – as you’ll learn along the way while fixing it.”

You can check out Beach Safety for yourself here.