This New Integral Memory 512GB MicroSD Card Is The Biggest On The Market

This New Integral Memory 512GB MicroSD Card Is The Biggest On The Market

There’s now a microSD card capable of holding over half a terabyte of data. Per The Verge, Integral Memory’s new 512 gigabyte card exceeds the previous record holder, SanDisk’s 400GB card, by over a quarter more memory.

Image Courtesy Integral Memory/BusinessWire

It isn’t quite as fast as that card – Integral Memory’s new card maxes out at 80 megabytes/second transfer, slower than SanDisk’s 100 MB/s – but it does meet the standards for high-definition video capture. As AndroidPolice noted, it’s “definitely not ideal for Android’s adoptable storage or a Nintendo Switch”, but it should work fine for shooting in HD.

In a press release, Integral Memory noted that some customers are turning to cloud-based solutions for data storage but that the cloud isn’t likely to do away with memory cards any time soon. They also didn’t mention any pricing, but the 400GB SanDisk card sold for a healthy $US249.99 ($313), so this one is sure to be a wallet buster.

512GB is likely to be way more than the average individual needs, seeing as 64GB is often the standard for high-end casual users and is capable of holding hundreds to thousands of high-quality photos. (Just over half a decade ago in 2011, Lifehacker suggested that a then-pricey 32GB card would “make sure you never run out of room on your camera”.) Integral Memory’s new card will be available in February, though, in case you can’t find a cheaper solution to your data-storage needs or just feel like putting all your eggs in one basket.

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