The Latest Black Panther Trailer Is Full Of Even More Action And Mystery

With Marvel's Black Panther merely weeks away from hitting theatres and blowing everyone's minds, trailers for the film are beginning to hold back on revealing too much information. But the latest ad spot for the movie give us a juicy glimpse into even more of the action and wonder that awaits in Wakanda.

The key to appreciating the trailer is understanding that most of the new footage is actually an extended look at things that we've seen before. T'Challa and Shuri do a traditional Wakandan greeting when they see one another, but in the new spot, we see that Shruri's got a sense of humour and actually greets hey brother by mocking his title, for starters. Elsewhere, it appears as if T'Challa's shirtless fight against a group of other men may actually be a flashback to his panther training - something suggested by footage of Zuri (Forest Whitaker) placing an older panther mask over T'Challa's face.

There are also a bunch of gorgeous new action shots showcasing the unreal visuals that are going to bring Black Panther to life on February 16 and to really get a sense of how fantastic they are, it's best if you check the trailer out for yourself:

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