Soon You’ll Be Able To Blue Steel Your Car To Life

Soon You’ll Be Able To Blue Steel Your Car To Life
Image: iStock

In the future, you’ll be able to start your car simply by looking into the rear-view mirror. At least, that’s one way iris-authentication technology could change the way we interact with our cars, as biometrics company Fingerprints and their partners Gentex have announced a long-term deal to bring the technology to the automotive industry at CES2018.

The system is called ActiveIRIS and it’s being touted as a way not only to increase the ease of which you start your journey, but also as a hi-tech security device that would enable drivers to have their identities authenticated via a quick scan of their eyeball.

Here’s how it might work. Once you’re in your car and ready to go, the system would identify you through an iris scan. Then, if you’ve given it authorisation to do so, the car will automatically start, adjust its mirrors, the seating position and the steering wheel position. It’ll even kick off the drive with your personal favourite tunes, if that’s your bag.

“The ActiveIRIS system could enable future vehicles to quickly and accurately identify drivers and personalize the in-vehicle experience. It would also enable two-factor authentication, securing and customizing everything from vehicle operation to in-vehicle functions such as speed limiting, geo-fencing, home automation control, toll payments, and in-vehicle transactions,” said Steve Downing, President and CEO of Gentex.

It’s predicted that the earliest versions of such a system could be housed inside the rear view mirror casing, which can only lead to lots of chances to look like an idiot while you’re trying to get the scan to work.