Nissan Wants To Read Your Mind While You’re Driving

Nissan Wants To Read Your Mind While You’re Driving
Image: iStock

Nissan has gone full sci-fi with this video for CES2018 that looks to demonstrate its kind-of unbelievable Brain-to-Vehicle technology that wants to read your mind.

According to the video, posted below, Nissan have been working with neuroscientists to discover ways of reading the driver’s brain activity while they’re driving.

The idea is that, while you’re on the road, your brain works ahead of time to anticipate the moves you want to make, so Nissan wants to be able to capture that data and then use it to help the car make those anticipated movements up to half a second earlier than you could by yourself.

Say you’re coming up to a right hand turn and just about to start turning the wheel. What Brain-to-Vehicle will do is start turning the wheel the moment your brain triggers the muscle responses in your body to make the same move, giving you just a fraction more time in case something happens to go wrong.

Half a second isn’t really a very long time. But, when you’re moving at speed, the amount of time it takes to think of a move before actually doing it can also be the time it takes for something to go horribly wrong, so this could be end up a pretty crucial safety feature down the track.