Here's How Many Games Were Classified (Or Refused) In Australia Last Year

] Throughout the year it's inevitable that a couple of games will run afoul of the Australian Classification Board, but rarely do we see the true scope of what goes through their doors. Here's a little look at a year's worth of games for the good ol' classification board.

The data comes from the AusVGClassifications, an unofficial Twitter account that tweets out all the games that are classified during the year. Here's the breakdown:

You probably don't remember seeing 34,4567 games get released this year. Unsurprisingly they're mostly mobile games, and AusVGClassifications has credited the jump in numbers to IGEA for helping reduce costs for mobile devs looking to get classified.

If you're curious, you can find a list of all the R18+ games here, which range from Yakuza 6 with "Sexual activity related to incentives and rewards" to a game called Mermaid Princess Love Story 3D which is apparently full of high impact violence.

The list of games that were refused classifcation can be found on the classification board's website too, though most of those listings don't mention what about the game caused it to be refused classification. With names like "virtual Marijuana" and "Camper Van Meth Lab: Breaking Bad RV Truck Driving" it's not too hard to guess, but you have to wonder what was wrong with the game innocently titled "golf".

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    Why would they ban any games. Surely it's up to the consumer if they want the game or not and not some censor board.

      Unfortunately not, it has to get past nannies first

      For the same reason movies (and books) are refused classification - they don't meet so called social, cultural standards. Typically obscenity, sexualized violence, child abuse, advocating crime and so on.

      While I'm pretty open minded there are some things I don't mind being banned. Whether they get it right however, is a different question. As is, have they actually kept up with cultural norms or are they still lagging with outdated values.

    I don't see any reason why those games given as examples should be banned? Surely, as adults, we have the right and capacity to make up our own mind about illegal drugs in video games?

    They believe that a minority of lunatics will be compelled to do horrible things to people if allowed to play violent games. The governments reasoning is that, as those lunatics are among the general public, they do not trust the general public, so everyone loses out. Maybe we are all potential mass murderers/butchers/revolutionary's to our governments. Who knows. I doubt that banning games does anymore than handicap innocent people who like a bit of splatter. I certainly like it.

      It's not so much about "splatter", those sort of games are just classified R now (where in the past they were refused classification). It's ones that are offensive or advocating criminal behaviour.

      That said, I don't really think playing a meth lab sim game is really going to make people go out and start their own meth labs, anymore than playing Call of Duty will make someone go out and join the army.

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