Federal Government Rejects Using More Fibre During NBN Rollout

Federal Government Rejects Using More Fibre During NBN Rollout
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The Federal Government has decided to stick to its guns regarding it’s current rollout plans for the NBN network, rejecting calls from a joint federal inquiry to increase the amount of fibre it’s planning to use. Colour me unsurprised.

Towards the end of 2016, a joint federal enquiry into the multi-billion dollar project found that urgent change was needed, recommending that the rollout prioritise the use of fibre wherever possible.

Not only did the government flatly reject this assertion, it suggested the committee just doesn’t get it, saying in it’s response “The Government is disappointed that after considering 191 submissions, holding 15 public hearings, receiving testimony from over 179 witnesses and undertaking three site visits, the Committee’s majority report and recommendations indicates a failure to understand the fundamentals of the NBN.”

They did, however, at least acknowledge that more is to be done to allay consumer concerns, adding “While it does not agree with all the conclusions and recommendations contained in the majority report, the Government does however note that the report highlights the consumer experience and acknowledges that improving consumer experiences during connection and use of the NBN in an important priority.”

The Shadow Communications Minister, Michelle Rowland, took to twitter to express her disappoint in the response, tweeting “Disappointingly, today the Turnbull Government has refused to include more fibre in the NBN rollout, rejecting a key recommendation of the Joint Standing Committee on the NBN.”