Everybody’s Got A Silly Joker Grin In The Horror Flick Truth Or Dare 

Everybody’s Got A Silly Joker Grin In The Horror Flick Truth Or Dare 

“Want to see me do a dare?”

A trailer has been released for Blumhouse’s latest horror flick Truth or Dare. Starring Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) as “our sweet Olivia” – no, really, that’s what they call her – it’s about a creepy teenage boy who forces a bunch of his friends to participate in a supernatural game of… Truth or Dare.

The teens are forced to say and do unspeakable things in order to survive, seemingly playing off their secret desires for sex, secrets, and vengeance – like how Olivia spills the beans about a friend’s affair, and then that same friend wants to break Olivia’s hand in retaliation. If they refuse to play the game, they will be supernaturally coerced to kill themselves.

Also, did I mention the faces????

Still: Universal Pictures

I don’t know what Photoshop swirl effect they used in order to get this look, but it’s basically the only thing I’m loving about this otherwise generic horror trailer. It gives all these teens the silliest faux-Joker grins, and it’s amazing. Are we looking at the next generation of Jokers? Maaaaaaybe wink wink. Hell, one of the kids in the trailer even performs Heath Ledger’s signature “Want to see me do a trick?” Joker move. I won’t share because it’s graphic, but I will share a GIF of this weird grinning girl beckoning you to hell.

Truth or Dare comes out April 27.

[via Comicbook.com]