Bob Lutz Thinks The Model S Will Be Collectable After Tesla ‘Went Broke’

Bob Lutz Thinks The Model S Will Be Collectable After Tesla ‘Went Broke’

According to a story that appeared in the Los Angeles Times, seasoned former auto executive Bob Lutz had some nice words to say about the Tesla’s Model S but some less-than-shining comments about Tesla itself.

While talking with car collectors in Arizona, he praised the Model S:

“A Model S, especially with the performance upgrades, is one of the fastest, best handling, best braking sedans that you could buy in the world today,” he said at a forum sponsored by rare-car insurance company Hagerty. “The acceleration times will beat any $US350,000 ($437,845) European exotic.”

Tesla as a company hasn’t had very many kind words from the decidedly old-school Lutz, and this is no exception. Here, he said that Elon Musk isn’t running a good car company because the costs to produce the Model S far outweigh any revenue received on the vehicle.

However, Lutz said that car collectors should snatch up a Model S when they get the chance because they might not be around long if Tesla goes broke.

Lutz was not optimistic about Tesla when he said:

Afterward, he told The Times that he is “semi-serious” about his suggestion. “Twenty-five years from now, [the Model S] will be remembered as the first really good-looking, fast electric car. People will say ‘Too bad they went‎ broke.'”

He also said that he doesn’t know how Tesla will get out the financial mess that it’s currently in. But as the story notes, the company’s still at a market value of $US58.7 ($73) billion, and it claims it is on its way to sorting out the Model 3’s production issue. So I guess we’ll see!