ASUS' New 65" 4K Gaming Display Is Nothing Short Of Beastly

Image: ASUS

ASUS Republic of Gamers have announced an absolute spanker of a new gaming display to go on show at CES2018 - a whole 65 inches of it. It's called the ROG Swift PG65 and it's an absolute beast.

At 65", it's easily the largest purpose-built gaming monitor being shown at the moment and if it delivers on its promise of "uncompromising performance" then I'm suddenly going to need a lot of money.

Boasting 120Hz refresh rate on a 4K display, the PG65 also comes equipped with NVIDIA's G-SYNC technology to allow for buttery smooth frame rates, as well as complete NVIDIA Shield integration. 4K Streaming with HDR? Yes, please!

Clearly this is a pretty serious bit of kit, one that will probably set you back quite a lot of your hard earned dollary-doos. That said, we don't know when these might be available, or how much they'll cost when they are. But if you're seriously considering something like this, I offer this advice. Start saving now.



    Do you think they'll offer a conversion rate from AUD to Healthy Kidneys?

      Yes I can see the headlines now..
      Spate of kidney robberies...

      65" is a bit big... 28-32" would do me fine.

      As someone who needs a new kidney soon, I'd actually take you up on that offer! Apparently it's illegal though so I guess we both miss out. :(

      Sexy as screen though. I'll take three for my racing simulator. :P

        It's actually illegal to sell your Kidney?! Well damn, haha.

    This is perfect for the couch gamer. I would love something like this and consider it for my setup at home, if priced similarly to the major TVs. I have my desktop computer and Xbox connected to my TV. I prefer PC gaming but don't want to spend too much money on buying top range PC components. The top screens cost min $700. If i can get a TV/gaming monitor i would consider the upgrade. Then i can slowly gather PC parts and win win.

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