Apple Will Sell You A $39 Replacement Battery Even If You Don't Need One

After Apple admitted to slowing down older iPhones, the company tried to calm frustrated customers by dropping the price of out-of-warranty battery replacements from $119 to $39. Unfortunately, even that discount came with a catch, because unless your phone's battery failed a diagnostic test at the Genius Bar, you wouldn't actually be eligible for a cheaper replacement battery.

Naturally, this led to a lot of confusion among people simply trying to improve their phone's performance by swapping in a new power pack. According to an internal Apple Store memo found by French tech blog iGeneration, however, it seems Apple is doing away with the diagnostics requirement and making its battery replacement fee the same price across the board. MacRumors reports that it has confirmed the change with Apple.

Now, anyone with an iPhone 6 or newer should be able to walk into an Apple store and have the battery in their iPhone replaced for $39, regardless of whether their phone's battery health has degraded past 80 per cent or not.

For people who paid the full $119 to replace their battery before Apple's new replacement policy went into effect last Saturday, iGeneration reports that you may be able to get a refund from Apple for the difference.

To check the health of your battery, you can either head over to a nearby Apple Store, or contact Apple support on the phone or online and have a representative test it remotely.

At this point, if you're worried about your iPhone being throttled and if your device is more than a year old, it's probably worth shelling out $39 for a new battery. But if you're just looking for more info, check out our little guide to get a better idea of how screwed your iPhone might be, and to find out what you can do about it.

We've reached out to Apple for comment and will update this post when we hear back.




    What about the iPhone 5s?

      try Ebay $12 china still costly by China standards, Apple is a rip off as are the phones

    I see you're getting into the spirit of Apples customer service paradigm: the link to your helpful guide 404s :-)

    Excuse my confusion here - but how is a replacement battery going to increase the performance of a phone? Wasn't it a software issue that was slowing the phone?

      A feature is IOS11 was limiting the CPU performance once the battery was severely degraded. Resulting in reduced performance.

      Replacing the battery results in the feature being disabled.

    Oh sweet. I just bought my mates old 6S+ which has excellent battery life, but hey for $40 (I already paid next to nothing for the phone) I may as well get a new battery popped in.

    Literally got one today. Apple went through a full diagnostic health check. Warned me mine was borderline so it might not be my problem, and then the guy went and had it approved as an ACL replacement so it cost me nothing.

    My phone feels new! Not like a 3GS anymore, and my battery life is already improved dramatically.

    Bit peeved. I paid $119 to get my battery replaced in September and Apple have told me they aren't looking at refunds.....yet.

    One issue Apple may have been concerned about is people replacing the battery when it wasn't needed and then complaining when they didn't notice the difference.

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