11 Australian Movies And TV Shows To Watch Over The Long Weekend

11 Australian Movies And TV Shows To Watch Over The Long Weekend
Image: Stan
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We have some incredible movies and television being made in our own backyard. Why not kick back and enjoy some when the long weekend rolls around?

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The Other Guy

Image: Stan

I didn’t know what to expect from this, but what resulted was mainlining the entirety of this raw and funny series in a single day.

Stan: “A Stan Original Series about a successful radio host who is dealing with heartbreak like any young man: binge drinking, offensive behaviour, misuse of Class A substances and sexual entanglements.”

Romper Stomper

Image: Stan

Simultaneously pertinent and difficult to watch, the new Romper Stomper comes at an incredibly important and relevant time in history. In many ways, it feels like a mirror is being held up for the world to stare long and hard at.

Stan: “A high stakes political drama that follows a new generation of far right activists, their Anti-Fascist counterparts, and its impact on today’s multicultural society.”

The original 1992 film is also streaming on Stan right now.

Wolf Creek

Image: Stan

Wolf Creek is back with a brand new anthology series – exploring the story that director Greg McLean wanted to tell with the original movie – what Mick Taylor would do with an bus load of tourists to play with.

Stan: “The thrilling Stan Original Series based on the cult Australian films, with John Jarratt reprising his iconic role as psychotic serial killer Mick Taylor.”

Round the Twist

This blast from the past is still great. It’s definitely worth going back to your childhood for.

Stan: “Round The Twist is a TV series written by the hilarious children’s author, Paul Jennings. It follows the bizarre lives of the Twist family, who move into an old lighthouse where strange but hilarious things happen.”

The Loved Ones

I love Australia’s penchant for making unique horror films. There’s so often a quirkiness and humour to them that only serves to make them all the more haunting. And The Loved Ones is no exception.

Stan: “When Brent turns down his classmate Lola’s invitation to the prom, she concocts a wildly violent plan for revenge.”


Give all those true crime podcasts a rest… and watch a film about a true crime instead!

Stan: “When Jamie is introduced to a man, a friendship begins. As the relationship grows so do Jamie’s suspicions, until he finds his world threatened by both his loyalty for, and fear of John Bunting, Australia’s most notorious serial killer.”

Reckless Kelly

I couldn’t help but add this 90s classic. Whatever happened to Yahoo Serious after he tried to sue Yahoo, anyway?

Stan: “Kelly is a bank robber, a pop-culture hero and video shop owner. This modern story tells how he is furious when a Japanese company wants to buy his band’s farm.”


Please Like Me

I adore this show. Equal parts hilarious and devastating – it explores mental illness in a way I haven’t experienced from any other film or show.

The characters are weird, funny, selfish and most of all – real. Please Like Me doesn’t shy away from injecting awfulness and banality into them and because of that, it is truly brilliant.

Netflix: “After his girlfriend dumps him, 20-something Josh realises he’s gay, beds an attractive acquaintance and moves in with his suicidal mom.”

The Babadook

I started first watching horror when I was in primary school. A+ parenting aside, it has afforded me the luxury of not getting scared by horror very often. But the Babadook laughed in the face of my steely resolve. I think part of it was the complicated relationship between mother and child, as well as the sound the god damn thing makes.

Even without The Babadook itself, there is still a kind of ghost haunting their lives. Real life pain and horror. And that’s terrifying.

Netflix: “Sam’s frequent tantrums turn sinister when a creepy children’s book mysteriously appears in his room, and he asks his mother, “Do you want to die?”


For those who don’t remember this from the 90s, the Mabo case was one of the most monumental in Australian history. It was the first time that native title was ever recognised in Australia. This film revisits the story around the case, and shows just why it’s so important.

Netflix: “This inspiring true story follows the battle of an indigenous islander to win the legal right to own land his ancestors have occupied for centuries.”

Australien Skies

An Australian road trip doco that has a pun that strong in the title? Count me in.

Netflix: “Director Don Meers joins UFO expert Damien Nott on a road trip across Australia to investigate reported UFOs and interview witnesses to the sightings.”