Report: Warner Bros Shaking Up DCEU Leadership After Lacklustre Justice League Performance

Report: Warner Bros Shaking Up DCEU Leadership After Lacklustre Justice League Performance

Image: Warner Bros.

Mixed reactions to Justice League aside, Warner Bros. is going to keep on making movies based on DC Comics’ vast stable of superhero characters. Of course, that’s not going to change. According to a new Variety article, what will change are the people in charge of those films and the people performing in them.

The Variety article takes an in-depth look at the probably political fallout from Justice League’s weaker-than-hoped-for performance. Diminishing financial returns for the DC movies – with the exception of Wonder Woman – are cited as a cause for concern at WB, and sources tell Variety that Jon Berg, the executive who was spearheading the production of the DCEU films initiative, will be leaving that position. The piece also asserts that there are no plans for director Zach Snyder to get behind the lens of a DCEU film again anytime soon.

The report also mentions Warner Bros. Picture Group President Toby Emmerich’s possible consolidation of its operations. Again, this is all from Variety‘s sources for now:

These people also say that Emmerich is weighing the idea of further integrating DC’s film operations into the studio’s main movie arm. That would entail putting the divisions under the same roof rather than having DC remain in a separate building on the lot, sources say. Marvel, which is owned by Disney, does operate its comic book film division autonomously, but other studios, such as Fox and Sony, produce their superhero films under the studio’s banner.

Ben Affleck’s future as Batman is also called into question again, and the level of involvement of Geoff Johns, the longtime comics writer/vision-holder who shifted over to help run DC Films, might be changing as well. It sounds like a major re-think is happening at Warner Bros. with regard to superhero movies; head over to Variety and read the whole article.