Ridiculous Change.org Petitions About The Last Jedi, Ranked

Ridiculous Change.org Petitions About The Last Jedi, Ranked

Given that you’re reading this online, chances are you’ve also read about The Last Jedi being divisive. Many, many fans are angry at the film for trying to do something new with their beloved Star Wars franchise. Some feel powerless. Others take their gripes to the petition website Change.org.

While we usually refuse to cover fan-made, online petitions, because they will never, ever, ever accomplish anything, these were just so irate and ludicrous we had to share them with you.

9) Ridiculous but funny. Bonus points for the Photoshop.

8) This… this is not a good idea, guys.

7) This one completely misunderstands the tone of the series but at least it’s specific.

6) Yes, let’s remake the movie that came out less than a week ago and made $US220 ($287) million.

5) A slightly different tack, but same result. Hopefully someone will make a “Everyone Has to Pretend The Last Jedi Doesn’t Exist” petition next.

4) Really, this and the previous entry are the same thing, but because it sullenly refused to use the movie’s title, I rank this as dumber.

3) I mean, he’s not writing and directing them all so maybe this one already got its wish?

2) Yeah, why would you want someone creative and willing to take risks making these movies? Also, at least Johnson doesn’t misspell “Star Wars.”

1) This is magnificent. A petition to make someone apologise. For the movie he just spent over three years of his life making. That is currently making a zillion dollars. Say you’re sorry, Rian! This is an excellent use of everyone’s time and energy.