Customising A Working LEGO Mechanical Keyboard Is Incredibly Easy

Video: There are some typing enthusiasts out there who are very, very picky about their keyboards. They will go to great lengths to customise every last feature and function so it feels perfect under their fingers. Or, in the case of LEGO master builder Jason Allemann, they will instead use the world's most famous plastic bricks to create a truly unique typing experience.

Starting with a Cooler Master Quick Fire Rapid mechanical keyboard, Allemann built a custom LEGO frame and then replaced all of the keys with special Cherry MX-compatible studded keycaps that you can have 3D-printed at Shapeways.

Once all the replacement keycaps were in place, Allemann created a colourful, custom keyboard design using a combination of 1x1, 1x2 and 2x2 smooth LEGO plates. I'm going to award bonus points for the clever use of a baseball hat on the "caps lock" key and the roof of a house for the keyboard's "home" key.

[YouTube via JK Brickworks]

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