Could The Venom Movie Have A Big Tweak To Eddie Brock’s Backstory?

Could The Venom Movie Have A Big Tweak To Eddie Brock’s Backstory?

More Star Wars: The Last Jedi footage teases Porg delights. Gambit suffers another setback. There are new rumours about Iron Fist‘s next big bad. Emma Dumont hints at some big changes ahead for Polaris on The Gifted. Plus new looks at the midseason finales of Supergirl and Arrow, and what’s to come on Gotham. Spoilers!


A new set photo depicts Tom Hardy in military gear – which is odd as Eddie Brock, the incarnation of Venom Hardy was announced as playing, has no military background. Another Venom does though: Former Spider-Man supporting character Flash Thompson, who took on the Venom symbiote after losing his legs during a tour of Iraq, becoming the government-sanctioned “Agent Venom“. Could it be an indication that Hardy’s Brock will borrow that angle for the film? Or is Eddie just getting a military background unrelated to the Agent Venom storyline?

Imagine Agents

Richie Keen (Fist Fight) has been tapped to direct an adaptation of Boom Studios’ comic book series Imagine Agents, about a police force tasked to monitor the imaginary friends of children. [THR]


Production has been delayed until March. It never ends for this poor movie, does it? [Omega Underground]

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Another day, another TV spot, and more Porg violence.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

The teaser poster below was spotted at an unspecified movie theatre in California, according to Making Star Wars. Unsurprisingly at this point, it’s just the logo revealed when the title was first confirmed.

Iron Fist

That Hashtag Show reports the series is currently looking to cast a character named “Tanya Parker”. The outlet speculates this may be a placeholder name for Lady Gorgon, an assassin of The Hand.

[TANYA PARKER](late-20’s, open ethnicity) As a freelance covert operative, Tanya has carried out many high-level missions. A chameleon adept at playing roles, Tanya inhabits the “part” that best fits the mission. SERIES REGULAR


Variety reports Danneel Ackles is set to recur as Sister Jo, “a well-known faith healer whose good works attract the attention of someone very, very bad: Lucifer”. Ackles’ character will make her debut in episode 13 of the current season, “Devil’s Bargain”.

Doctor Who

According to Broadcast Magazine, series 11 will be filmed with Cooke anamorphic Prime lenses and Angenieux Optimo anamorphic zooms, mounted to Arri Alexa XT and Alex Mini cameras. These will give the show a “new, filmic look”. Please be… excited?

The Librarians

The crew gets an assist from Santa Claus before getting sucked into Baird’s favourite film noir in the synopses for episodes two and three of the new season, “…and the Christmas Thief” and “…and the Silver Screen”.

When Santa takes Flynn, Baird and Jenkins on his first vacation in centuries, he leaves his beloved sleigh in the care of the Librarians. But when Ezekiel’s career criminal mother steals the magic door, they must use the sleigh to save her, as well as Christmas itself, from Santa’s Grinch of a brother, the Patron Saint of Thieves.

When Flynn and Baird are sucked into Baird’s favourite classic Film Noir movie, the Librarians are drawn into the world of movie magic – literally – where they will need to perfect their lassoing skills, sharpshooting, and snappy dialogue if they’re going to make it out alive.

The Gifted

Emma Dumont warns TV Line that not only will Lorna’s pregnancy begin factoring into the show’s narrative, but the ordeal will grant her a second set of mutant powers.

Yes, 100 per cent it’s going to change. She’s only a few months pregnant, and with most mutants, their powers manifest when they’re older, maybe 7 or 13, some in their 20s. But Lorna’s baby is much different, and it affects her in a huge way. I like to say that Lorna has a second manifestation, around Episode 10, of her powers. Her powers totally change, which is a very scary thing.

Meanwhile, Coming Soon has pictures from next week’s episode, “eXploited”. More at the link.


Buddy TV has pictures from Supergirl‘s midseason finale, “Reign”. More at the link.


Likewise, Buddy TV also has picture’s from Arrow‘s midseason finale, “Irreconcilable Differences”, in which Oliver and Felicity get married… again. Click through for more.


Finally, Jerome resurfaces in the trailer for Gotham‘s midseason finale, “Queen Takes Knight”.

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