Black Mirror Video Terrifyingly Reminds Us How Brutal 2017 Was

Black Mirror's fourth season is now streaming and they're celebrating this latest collection of technological dystopian tales by showing us we don't really need them... because we're already living in a technological dystopia. THANKS, NETFLIX.

Image: Netflix via YouTube

The video pairs clips from current and past seasons of Black Mirror with the hellish void that was the world in 2017. Human-like robots, fake news, Snapchat filters, a swirling vortex of new gadgets and philosophies that -- at least in the eyes of Black Mirror -- will lead us to a point of no return.

Well, call me psyched for 2018. Granted, their Twitter account also shared a hopeful wish for next year, but the damage is done, man.

Dammit, Netflix, I haven't even seen your latest collection of horrific short films yet and already I'm scared out of my gourd. Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a giant reality-covering blanket that's calling my name.


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    I know I shouldn't be excited for the next season of black Mirror being released when I just have to turn on the TV to realise I'm actually living in an episode already

    Don’t bother watching Metal Head, it’s a shit episode that goes nowhere and has a nonsensical ending. There are a couple of tense scenes but nothing else.

      I really liked it.

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