Australia Talks About Climate Change (On Twitter) More Than Any Other Country

Ah, Twitter. The place where we go to avoid the comments by reading nothing but comments.

And what’s on the mind of Aussies in this, the season of our air being made of fire? Climate Change.

This map and chart were put together using a month’s worth of geotagged twitter data – that’s over a million tweets – by the folks over at ThunderBomb Surf Camp.

It shows which countries are talking the most about climate change, and Australia is well ahead of the pack.

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ThunderBomb explains:

The ranking is based on percentage of overall geotagged tweets that come out of each country. So instance, 6.5 per cent of ALL geotagged tweets coming from Australia are about climate change, as compared to a country like the United States, where 3.5 per cent are about climate change. So it is not strictly based on pure volume, and is a bit more accurate.

Tony Abbott: "CLiMaTE cHANge iS pRObabLY dOINg mORe GOoD tHaN hARm"

Once upon a time, in 2013, this great country elected a leader - a Prime Minister, to represent us on a global scale. That man was Tony Abbott, who went on to make some of the most memorable decisions in Australian political history. calling asbestos victims "impure of heart", telling a war widow that "shit happens", and of course chowing down on a raw onion in front of national news crews for reasons we may never know. </p> <p>As if we didn't need another blunder to add to our list, Tony Abbott - who is still giving public speeches - just told an audience at the Global Warming Policy Foundation in London "It's climate change policy that's doing harm. Climate change itself is probably doing good; or at least, more good than harm."

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