This Brilliant Peelable Paint Is A Screen Protector For Every Surface In Your Home

This Brilliant Peelable Paint Is A Screen Protector For Every Surface In Your Home

If you’re as protective of your gadgets as I am, you’ve probably got a screen protector ready to apply to your new phone as soon as you’ve taken it out of the box. But how do you protect all the other surfaces in your home you don’t want getting dinged and dented? You cover it with this perfectly clear screen protector paint.

If you’ve ever peeled dried white glue off your fingers after a craft project, you’ve already got a good idea of how this Belay paint works. You apply it to a clean, smooth surface the same way you would a varnish, or a shellac, and once dried it protects whatever’s underneath from nicks, scratches, light dents, and even water marks for those times you forget to use a coaster.

The paint will work on surfaces like wood, tile, ceramic, and even smooth stone if you wanted to protect a fancy granite countertop. However, you’ll probably want to test a small, out-of-sight section first to make sure the Belay paint can actually be peeled off once it’s dried. It also doesn’t work well on porous surfaces, so forget about to trying to spray and protect your expensive leather coach with this stuff.

Unlike a screen protector you leave on your smartphone for years, you’re supposed to peel off the Belay paint every few months (taking all of the accumulated scratches and dings with it) or there’s the chance it might become permanently stuck to wherever it’s applied.

A single bottle of Belay, which is available in a crystal clear or soft matte finish, will set you back around $190 which most definitely isn’t cheap. Adding to the cost is the fact that Belay’s online shop will only ship the stuff to Japan right now, meaning you’ll have to find a way to import it to Australia. But the alternative is to put lace doilies on every piece of furniture you own like your grandmother did, or never, ever have kids.

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