The Orville Has Already Been Renewed For A Second Season

The Orville Has Already Been Renewed For A Second Season

Not to be outdone by Star Trek: Discovery, the crew of the USS Orville will be returning to Fox for a new season of adventures next year. That’s good news, but the surprisingly early renewal also means that you won’t be getting more Orville beyond the 13 episodes already set to air this year.

Image: Fox

Most new spring shows would expect a “back nine” of new episodes to be announced before being officially renewed for a second season in the following autumn, but solid ratings and reaction to Seth MacFarlane’s sci-fi dramedy have turned The Orville into one of Fox’s most-watched shows of the season. While that means that the first season will be just 13 episodes long, it at least means there’s a bright future ahead for the show.

Critical reaction to the show has been mixed at times, as it veers between being the Seth MacFarlane comedy the show was initially pitched as and a more serious Trek homage, and there’s often an awkward tonal clash that comes as a result. But an early renewal like this means Fox has a ton of confidence in The Orville, so hopefully as its voyages continue into season two it will have the chance to find some balance.