The iPhone X Is The Best Phone For Photos Ever

Image: Apple

Let's be honest -- our smartphones today are more camera than they are phone. We use them to document our lives with images and video as much as we use them to message and check up on Facebook and Instagram. And apparently if you're looking for a phone that takes great photos, you can't go past the $1579 iPhone X. It's the best phone you can buy right now when it comes to snapping still photos

The latest and greatest iPhone is the best you can get for snapping still photos, according to independent text lab DxOMark, which pitted the all-screen Apple handset against its recent competitors like the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and the Google Pixel 2.

It's largely the new f/2.4 telephoto lens, which is optically image stabilised, that helps raise the X's score above that of the iPhone 8 Plus it's competing directly against. The Galaxy Note8 is still the top performer when it comes to 2x zoom photos, but DxOMark says the iPhone's software background blur is a little less aggressive and results in slightly better bokeh than Samsung's first dual-camera phone. The X also edges out Apple's other recent launch when it comes to photo exposure and colour performance.

The iPhone X doesn't edge out the barnstorming Google Pixel 2's overall score, which performs marginally worse with photos but slightly better with video. [DxOMark]



    waiting for all the android users to come in and say, but its so expensive.... 3, 2, 1,... go for troll...

      They dont need to. The apple fanboys like yourself have already chucked a sooky la la over nothing.

      Stop getting angry over a hunk of metal and plastic. You are a grown adult. Not a child.

        What are you on about ? sooking ? about what? no one is but you? You obviously in an alternate reality ? Cause no one knows what you are taking about !

          fem_shep did you pay 1800 dollars ?


              nor did I, plan that was 20 bucks cheaper than my old one with double data, and foxtel, win win.

    Just how important are those numbers? They're not. MKBHD has explained this

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      They're not important, but they're a quantifiable comparison between devices. DxOMark is only one site, but they do a fair bit of testing, and their results are a good way for buyers to quickly decide between two phones they're considering if all else is pretty much equal in their minds...

        Since this was your last comment, are you still around Gizmodo?

    While I always check out the camera specs when buying a new phone, i realise that I would struggle to take 5 photos a year so it is not important for me at all...

    No kids, no pets - nothing to take photos of.

      I realised buying my last phone Camera specs don’t matter so much vs software. The Xperia, which a far far better camera took rubbish pictures compared to the iPhone with an average spec camera.

      Also, I don’t have any pets or children either, I just take pictures of things I enjoy.

    Its a subjective score, it carries no more weight than my own opinion.

    I'd still get the X personally, but I might still rate the Pixel 2 as the better camera. And I would be right, because my opinion is the most important (to me).

      What's more interesting is that Campbell refers to the DxOMark score

      however the pixel 2 is rated with a higher score.

      I agree with you, the pixel 2 is a better camera but I'm an iOS guy

      still can't spend nearly $2K on an iphone x when I got my dell xps 15 for $1840 brand new

    One thing I don’t see a lot talk about is how the telephoto lens is disabled in lowlight like it is on the 8/7+. Although, Lightroom is the only app that overrides this.

    Given the amount of time Apple took to talk up the f2.4 on the X’s telephoto for lowlight shooting is disappointing.

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    Glad to see these flagship devices really pushing picture quality in their cameras.

    If you're willing to spend the money to get them, you basically can't take a bad photo with the flagships, which wasn't always the case.

    What I find funny is that Sony - the ones developing the sensors for most (all?) of these manufacturers - can't seem to get it right for their own devices.

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    When you are comparing iPhone X to Note 8 etc, the difference is marginal. If you care about photography, you most likely have a DSRL.

    I think the bigger issue is that the iPhone X has failed big time with drop tests.

      while I agree that anyone who truly cares about photography will have a dedicated camera... there's still plenty of situations where carrying around a DSLR or even a compact point and shoot isn't viable. Having the "best" camera in a phone is something that people look for.

      I went the other way, bought a $400 mid-tier phone and an entry level DSLR kit, and spent another $200 on lessons from a photographer so unlearn my terribleness.

        Very smart, especially the lessons from a photographer. What you learned will be paying dividends in your photography for the rest of your life with every device you buy from now on.

        A good photographer can take nicer images with a potato than most people can with an expensive camera. Its all about understanding light, not your gear.

        What he said. I have a 5D with an L lens, but that thing weighs a 2kg (and thats without the flash) I carry that about 5 times a year max. My phone on the other hand, is always with me

    Like for like in portrait orientation and using the iPhones portrait mode, I found the 8+ took much better photo’s than the X. Better looking bokeh, and the X had some aggressive perspective warp happening.

    Didn’t give them a play in landscape, presuming it would potentially have the opposite result given the dual camera’s are oriented portrait in one and landscape in the other.

    I don't think DXOmark can be trusted that much anymore.

    They have changed their testing protocol, which is fair enough, but if you look at the 14 devices they have retested and displayed on their website, 6 of them are Apple.

    They have done the X, 8, 8+, 7, 7+ and 6, but only the Samsung S6 Edge and Note 8. Below is a link from Wayback Machine showing the top mobiles before their new protocol, as you can see Samsung have 5 phones in the top 15, HTC have 2, Sony 3, Apple only have 1.

    I don't think they can be called impartial if they've reviewed 5/5 of the last apple flagship phones and only 1/5 of the latest Samsung flagship phones (ignoring Note 7!). I would think they have been paid by Apple to show mostly Apple results, especially as Apple only had one phone in the top 15 before and 6 now!

      Fanboys who love to claim the other side is paying for opinions are my favourite thing to roll my eyes at. Apple aren’t paying anyone, what they do is make life difficult for anything who actively crosses them. Like when Gizmodo leaked the iPhone 4 or 5, I can’t remember, all of a sudden a great many doors at apple were closed to them for a while.

      Maybe they reviewed the last 5 iPhones because that’s what their visitor stats show are the most compared phones on the website? Are you comparing your samsung to another samsung, or to an iPhone when you check the specs?

        Everyone is quick to call people who have different opinions fanboys and deny that big corporations are capable of such things but is it really that hard to imagine? Apple has $260B in the bank, DXOMark have gotten a lot of fame recently, then when DXOMark's "new protocol" is released Apple go from joint 15th with one phone to 6 in the top 14?

        DXOMark's tagline is "the reference for image quality", they should not have skewed their results in favour of one company, even if that company were responsible for a larger share of page views. Journalistic webpages can use whatever bias they wish but ones claiming or perceived to be unbiased should not.

          Or a combination of their new scoring metric, with Apple’s software updates has changed scores vs Week 1 release reviews under the old metric. Is that really hard to beleive?

            It would be possible for a software update to improve the results, from what I've read the Pixel 2 is the best all-round smartphone camera but doesn't have dual lens or any other magical hardware, just really good software to get the best pics.

            This isn't a change of order due to software improvements though, check their website, they have only tested 14 phones with their new protocol.

            Rather than testing the previous top 15 again, so people have a reference to the new protocol, or including results from the old protocol, again so people have a solid reference, they have chosen to mostly re-test and display apple results, and have hidden the old protocol results completely.

            So anyone looking now would think that apple consistently make the best smartphone cameras, when previously apple were joint 15th.

    That black bar going into the screen is jarring. No way Jobs would have allowed that bar to protrude onto screen real estate

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