The Grand Tour's Stars Test Drive A New Segment

Video: The world's most entertaining mid-life crisis on wheels, The Grand Tour, is returning for a second season on Amazon Prime Video on December 8.

Tasked with replacing the 'Celebrity Brain Crash' from last season, the show's hosts Jeremy "Problematic" Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May come up with a half an idea in this making of video.

Clarkson creates the 'Half-a-Romeo' for celebrities to drive around the The Grand Tour test track. May and several crew members give it a test drive, with predictably disastrous results.


    Yeah, nah. These guys are boring now. Back to Top Gear UK with the man Chris Harris and real car talk/thrash.

      Beg to differ, love the show and love them. Chris should of stayed with his show on YouTube. He was excellent on that. Top gear isn't his style as he's a more serious kind of tester and Joey doesn't fit in at all.

    This is the kind of classic TG that i love. More of it lads :)

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