The Ending Of This Week’s Star Wars Rebels Was Delightfully Confusing

The Ending Of This Week’s Star Wars Rebels Was Delightfully Confusing

Star Wars Rebels gave us another awesome hour this week, with the gang finally making it back to Ezra’s homeworld of Lothal. Things are very bad there and it made for some great action but, really, we just want to talk about the ending.

Image: Disney XD

The Ending Of This Week’s Star Wars Rebels Was Delightfully Confusing

This week’s episode, “Flight of the Defender”, ended with Ezra running into a Loth Wolf, a mythic creature believed to be extinct. The wolf gently knocked out Sabine and then took both her and Ezra to safety. When they got to their base, Ezra asked the Loth Wolf why they were being helped and the wolf said, “Doom” …or something like that. When the rest of the Rebels arrived, the wolf was gone. No one saw it. Then this happened:

Ezra: “There was a wolf and there’s something more to it. What, I don’t know.”

Kanan: “I believe you. All paths are coming together now.”

Ezra: “What does that mean?”

Kanan: “I don’t know, we’ll have to find out when we get there.”

So that’s the recap. Let’s start with the Loth Wolf. It helping Ezra and Sabine isn’t really a surprise. It seems like the creature has some kind of connection to the Force, as does Ezra, and they’re both from Lothal. Plus the show has been teasing them for a while, with one fan theory going so far to suggest Ahsoka is actually now a Loth Wolf. And while that was kind of teased visually for about one second in the episode, I was particularly confused and captivated by that word. That indistinguishable word that sounded like “Doom”.

Why is the Loth Wolf helping because of “Doom?” Is “Doom” coming? If so, to where? Lothal? Ezra and Sabine? The Rebels overall? I think any of those options are on the table. If, in fact, the Loth Wolf said “Doom”. Ezra didn’t seem that affected when the wolf spoke. So maybe it was something else entirely. And no matter what was said, it was specifically made not to be clear.

Then there’s the cheeky exchange between Ezra and Kanan, which basically feels like code for a conversation between fans and the creators. “Something is coming right?” “Yes, all paths are coming together now.” “What does that mean?” “Just wait until we get there.” Funny.

Commenter Nomadic Dec pointed out that “Doom” also could be “Dume”, as in Kanan’s real name Caleb Dume revealed in the Marvel Comics series Kanan. And it seems the subtitles confirm this. As for what the hell THAT means, well, there’s even more to speculate and be confused about.

Whatever happens, be it “doom” or something else, it seems pretty likely it will have to do with Lothal. That’s where this story ended and that’s where its impact could be felt the most.