Someone’s Making A Movie About Figure Skating Androids And It Sounds Pretty Awesome

Someone’s Making A Movie About Figure Skating Androids And It Sounds Pretty Awesome

We always talk about robots slowing taking jobs from humans, but what happens when they start competing against us in sports? That’s a problem probably no one has ever thought of… except maybe Stephon Stewart.

Michelle Trachtenberg in the Disney movie Ice Princess. She’s not in Vestige but just imagine there were robots in this image. Image: Disney

Stewart is a filmmaker who has written and will direct a new movie called Vestige. Described as “Ex Machina meets Black Swan and Whiplash“, it’s about a young, human figure skater who has to break the norms in order to defeat figure skating androids at the Winter Olympics.

To us that sounds less “Ex Machina meets Black Swan and Whiplash” and more “The Cutting Edge meets A.I.” or “Real Steel meets Ice Princess“. But no matter what the comparison, they all sound amazing.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news of the film, which already has three actors attached. First is Analeigh Tipton as the human figure skater; her coach will be played by Oscar-winner Mickey Rourke while her mum will be played by Anne Heche.

So yes, Mickey Rourke and Anne Heche are going to be in a movie about artificially intelligent robot figure skating.

“We are thrilled to bring this ingenious and captivating story to the screen with such a wonderful team,” said producer Aaron Magnani. “I feel that we have something very special and provocative here with a highly commercial hook. And Analeigh, with a background in figure skating, should make for an authentic performance.”

The film is still coming together but when we hear more, you can be sure we’ll let you know.

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