Report: Amazon Australia Will Launch Before Next Friday

We predicted it and now there's even greater indication that Amazon Australia will launch by Black Friday.

CNET is reporting that two people familiar with Amazon's plans have confirmed the goal is to go live by Black Friday (November 24, 2017). That means Amazon Australia's launch is less than eight days away!

The indication from Amazon is that they have been contacting sellers and advising them to get their products online and ready to sell by "mid-November".

However, they note that the final launch date is yet to be confirmed.

Of course, we've been predicting Amazon's imminent arrival for a couple of weeks now, with all signs pointing to their launch coming before the biggest online sales day of the year. We've also seen details trickling out in recent days that Amazon's launch is "really, really soon".

Intriguingly, it's possible to find out what products Amazon will be selling in Australia right now by employing a simple Google search trick. At this point, if Amazon doesn't launch before November 24 we'll eat Santa's hat. Only ten sleeps or less to go!




    But will it be good, I wonder? That remains to be seen. Much like Netflix, it wouldn't be too surprising if our Amazon is a poor imitation (even if it's decent enough in its own right) of the overseas version, for a myriad of reasons.

      Of course it will be a poor imitation.
      For international sellers the product still has to get here (so likely the same cost as now).
      For local sellers they likely already have distribution channels set up, whether it be their own website, or physical resellers.
      For Amazon supplied products you can't just walk into a store all across the country and look/touch/feel the product, so Harvey Norman, JB HiFi, Myer, etc will still be big with white goods, TVs, computers, furniture, clothing, etc.

      My big hope for AmazonAU is a chance at getting Blurays at a decent cost.

        “the product still has to get here (so likely the same cost as now).”

        When I can buy a single product (not in bulk) and pay overseas shipping and it’s still cheaper than going to the local shop, then it’s not about the shipping. It’s about being ripped off.

          That would be the Australian distributor ripping you off, not the local store. That's especially the case with electronics. Eg Australian retailers could probably buy Samsung products cheaper in the USA retail than the wholesale price here. Australian distributors get away with it due to not providing local warranty for grey imports.

          He did mention consumer electronics as well, so you can buy like in the previous example a table and get it shipped here cheaper? It definately wont be quicker. Plus lot of imports won't meet Australian standards as well as, some are rather large and heavy. I often import due to brand's not being available here and weight is the killer, especially when buying from the US.

    We predicted it

    Jackson, really? I'll nominate you for a Walkley... :-)

    Black Friday! seriously, it's Amazon AUSTRALIA
    Black Friday is an American term, can we stop adopting everything from America?

      Is there an Australian term for the global online sale we are discussing? If so, we'll gladly use it.

        CLickfrenzy. But they missed it.

          Clickfrenzy is a separate sale altogether, organised and run by Clickfrenzy.

        A global term...I dunno, something like 24th November is fairly global

      They are referring to a horrific bushfire tragedy that happened in NSW in the 1980s. Why they want to be associated with a tragedy I can't say.

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