Only 8% Of Aussies Are Watching Netflix In Public Toilets

Only 8% Of Aussies Are Watching Netflix In Public Toilets
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Netflix recently conducted a survey of its Australian users, specifically looking at the “other” places we binge watch. We’re talking on the train, in the air – and on the toilet. Even public toilets. While Netflix were shocked at the “gross” stats revealed around our bathroom viewing habits, from what I hear when visiting the bathroom – I’m just surprised that number isn’t higher.

Image: Netflix

59 per cent of Australians are streaming Netflix “on the go” – away from the traditional loungeroom/bedroom setting and on a mobile device. Netflix reckons those surveyed put having access to movies or shows higher than food and water as “essential” items for travelling or commuting, which is even more ridiculous than the idea of only eight per cent of us watching Stranger Things on the loo.

We’ve found ways to snoop on other people’s viewing, too – 45 per cent of us have busted someone watching over their shoulder. This has lead to what is being coined “show shame” (for real) – which is apparently the feeling that one in five of us feel when someone sees we are watching that new Baywatch remake with The Rock and Zac Efron at the gym. And ha – spoilers – 11 per cent of those surveyed have had a show spoiled by seeing someone else’s screen. Serves you right, I suppose?

The top techniques for hiding show shame include: simply presenting like nothing happened and continue watching (34 per cent); turning off the show or movie (21 per cent) or covering the screen (19 per cent)

34 per cent of us are watching on our way to work, 32 per cent are watching in cafes, and 61 per cent are watching on planes – that’s the highest percentage of any other country.

So there you go. Australia, we have a problem – if you choose to think of it as one.