Let's Take A Look At Honda's Shiny New Electric Vehicle Concept Car

Honda's Electric Vehicle Concept Car

At the 45th Tokyo Motor Show this week Honda showed off the Sports EV - a concept model with EV performance and artificial intelligence.

Honda says that the compact body of the car will "enable drivers to simultaneously feel a sense of unity with the car, and the joy that comes with driving."

The all-electric two seater is a slightly different version of the Urban EV Concept Honda revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Image: Honda

And yes, you're seeing that right - there's a in-built screen in the front bumper, as well as a battery indicator on the side strip - "similar to that of a smartphone," Honda said.

"Globally Honda continues to strengthen our hybrid and EV models as part of our commitment to making people's lives better and improving the future of mobility," Honda Australia Director Stephen Collins told GiZmodo Australia.

"We will not stop in pushing the boundaries of technology, from electrification and autonomous technologies, to AI. The new Sports EV concept car showcases next-generation technology that could potentially power future Australian Hondas, and brings us one step closer towards Honda's 2030 vision."

Image: Honda



    Enough of the pointless concept cars, build a bloody EV already!

      I know right? But we all know that they will show off al these cool concept cars that everyone wants then release something stupid like the Volt or Leaf that nobody wants.

    Who cares about these concepts when they're failing to bring any of this design philosophy to mainstream production the current car market based on concepts is a joke. Despite their flaws, it is honestly no surprise that Tesla is capturing mindshare and enthusiasm in a declining car market, they're not perfect by a large margin but they're different, fresh, and innovative compared to other choices.

    I'm going to release my own concept car. It runs on hype power and knows where you want to go before you do. it puts you to sleep as soon as you get in and wakes you, all refreshed, when it's reached your destination.

    Oh, and it can also give you a message and mix you a cocktail if you don't have somewhere to go and would rather just stay home.

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