I'm Completely Hypnotised By These Strutting Randomly-Generated Monsters

If you scroll through your phone, you'll undoubtedly find a bunch of novelty apps you rarely use. The same fate could eventually befall a simple PC and Mac app called Random Access Character that generates an infinite number of bizarre characters using random shapes and textures - but only if you somehow get tired of watching them sassily stroll across your screen.

GIF: Random Access Character

We totally understand if you're hesitant about installing a random app on your computer, and if you'd rather play it safe, the procedurally generated characters are uploaded to an ever-growing Imgur album that will give you hundreds of reasons to waste time at work today.

The randomly-generated objects these characters are built out of include everything from throw cushions, to televisions, to Slinky-like springs. And there's something inexplicably fascinating about watching a character try to walk with TVs for legs. If nothing else, this app could churn out your next Halloween costume if you play with it enough.

[Random Access Character via Prosthetic Knowledge]

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