Here’s What You Get In The iPhone X Box

Video: We’re just a couple of days from the launch of the iPhone X, Apple’s most important phone in years. Early hands-on reviews — including our own — are starting to trickle out into the wild, and YouTube’s very own MKBHD has a typically very pretty first look and unboxing to feast your eyes on.

Marques Brownlee’s very early unboxing of the iPhone X is pretty straightforward, and shows that there’s nothing super special in the box — apart from the iPhone X itself, of course. You still get Apple’s wired Lightning-cabled EarPods, an official Apple Lightning charging/data cable, and Apple’s tiny 5-Watt travel USB power adapter.

MKBHD also runs through the basic interface of the iPhone X, which is the first iPhone to not have a home button at the front — and no Touch ID to boot. It’s replaced with Face ID and facial recognition tech through that new front-facing camera setup in the X’s distinctive notch up the top of the otherwise all-screen front of the phone.

We’ll have our hands on an Aussie-spec iPhone X very soon — let us know if you have any particularly pressing questions! [YouTube]