Here's What You Get In The iPhone X Box

Video: We're just a couple of days from the launch of the iPhone X, Apple's most important phone in years. Early hands-on reviews -- including our own -- are starting to trickle out into the wild, and YouTube's very own MKBHD has a typically very pretty first look and unboxing to feast your eyes on.

Marques Brownlee's very early unboxing of the iPhone X is pretty straightforward, and shows that there's nothing super special in the box -- apart from the iPhone X itself, of course. You still get Apple's wired Lightning-cabled EarPods, an official Apple Lightning charging/data cable, and Apple's tiny 5-Watt travel USB power adapter.

MKBHD also runs through the basic interface of the iPhone X, which is the first iPhone to not have a home button at the front -- and no Touch ID to boot. It's replaced with Face ID and facial recognition tech through that new front-facing camera setup in the X's distinctive notch up the top of the otherwise all-screen front of the phone.

We'll have our hands on an Aussie-spec iPhone X very soon -- let us know if you have any particularly pressing questions! [YouTube]



    You still get Apple's wired Lightning-cabled EarPods, an official Apple Lightning charging/data cable, and Apple's tiny 5-Watt travel USB power adapter.

    Wow so $1579 on a phone doesn't even get you a headphone to lightning adapter?

      Pretty sure it comes with one, at the back of the ibud box like iphone 7, 7 plus, 8 and 8 plus. It better!!

      you sound so shocked - this is apple. They wring cash out of customers at every turn.

    I think at this price wireless earphones should be bundled or at least offered in a discounted bundle. It’s crazy offering earphones with a traditional jack with a unit that doesn’t have a jack.

      I agree. An incentive, say a discount code to be used on the iOS Apple Store app tied to your Apple ID would do it.

      The EarPods provided have the lightning jack on them, not the old 3.5mm jack everyone is still crying about...

      apple being consumer friendly? Why on earth would they do that when they can get you to buy more stuff!

    Man that pair of final photos, with the 78 in the background... Pixel 2 shot was great! Some of the others I liked the colours in the iX shot more, but the Pixel seems to have the actual technology down properly for that mode.

    Apple should be very cap-in-hand over the aggressive deletion of the 3.5 jack and how to compensate for the deletion of an interface that is still widely used today. I am old enough to recall Nokia’s arrogance over their market position. Something I’m beginning to see in Apple.

    Not too worried about the audio side of things. It’s with the charger that I’d like to see them lift their game. Those 5W ones are slow and with them advertising fast charging as a feature I’m not sure why they couldn’t at least throw in one in the 10-20w range. They could just use the iPad charger, which is what I currently use anyway and get far quicker charge times.

    What a non-story. I could've told you the contents of the box as it's always the same on every launch. Phone, earbuds, charger..... oh and two apple stickers as usual. I have a huge collection of those.

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