Get Ready For 360-Degree Views Of Formula One Action In 2018

In addition to the 'Halo' driver safety cage, Formula One cars will have another new design element for the 2018 season; a golf ball-sized 360-degree camera.

It would seem F1's new owners are interested in delivering a better fan experience, which is a fresh change from those who owned the sport prior. Additionally, the camera will allow for better perspectives to review when steward interaction is required.

"There is a 360-degree camera being added to next year's car on top of the chassis, which will give a different perspective of things," said Force India technical director Andrew Green. Working with F1 technology partner Tata, they're currently running tests on two different 360-live video cameras. The goal is to see if the data transfer can handle live 360-degree video. The hope is that these video inserts can be popped into the race broadcast in real-time.

In the recent past, there has been a rush to introduce live 360-degree video in live action sports. Typically, this has been a challenge because the file size is quite large, and transferring from a car moving at 322km per hour has its own challenges. I, for one, certainly hope F1 can make it happen. It would be quite fun to get an all-around view of what it's like in amongst the action.

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    I guess you can't completely knock Bernie for what he did with F1 but he was so behind the curve on social media.

    While the 360 degree camera is a interesting viewing experience. The helmet camera that the IndyCar have is much more entertaining. Getting the drivers perspective during races is amazing. Watching how quick their reaction times are is humbling. They are truly super human.

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