Fight Hulks And Fix The Plumbing With This Brilliant Thor Mjolnir Hammer Toolbox

Up until Ragnorak, Thor’s Mjolnir was the perfect all-in-one-tool for everything from battling alien invaders, to flying, to even proving who in the world was truly worthy. But with this clever Mjolnir toolbox, the mighty hammer is now equally useful for small home repairs too.

The $US100 ($131) toolbox looks like a perfect replica of Thor’s Mjolnir when it’s all closed up. But unlock and open the head and inside you’ll find a 44-piece toolset that includes pliers, a 3m tape measure, an adjustable wrench, sockets, a ratchet screwdriver with bits, a folding knife, and even a hammer whose handle doubles as Mjolnir’s handle when the toolbox is closed.

If you have a comic book fan on your holiday shopping list who’s also handy around the house, you now officially have one less present to come up with for Christmas.