$5k Gold Plated Xbox Christmas Decorations Exist

$5k Gold Plated Xbox Christmas Decorations Exist
Image: Xbox

Once upon a time, I worked out if you mix cheap tinned lentils with the cheap mince you get in bulk at Aldi (yes, I’m aware I probably ate horse at some point), and stock up on snap frozen veggies, you can feed your family quite healthily for at least a week.

Unrelated: there are Xbox Christmas decorations worth FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS and hey, if you’re into that kind of thing power to you, my friend.

There are far less fancy decorations available from Microsoft as well – if you buy a Xbox One S console or bundle from November 23 at the Flagship Microsoft Store on Pitt Street in Sydney will also get a Limited Edition Xbox Holiday Ornament. That’s just for a standard white one though – it’s not worth $5k. ($5k for a Christmas ornament! I can’t be the only one kind of weirded out by this.)

To get your hands on the fancy ones, you’ll need to win it. Microsoft’s Facebook page is going to have all the details soon, apparently. There’s only four of them, so good luck.