Australian Greens: ‘Hey NBN – Upgrade To FTTP Already’

Australian Greens: ‘Hey NBN – Upgrade To FTTP Already’
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The Greens have spoken out about the NBN’s “effective immediately” halt of HFC connections while “crucial work” is completed for existing customers – saying this sends a “clear signal” just a straight up Fibre to the Premises upgrade needs to be the priority.

NBN HFC Rollout Halted To 'Improve Customer Experience'

NBN just announced a whole bunch of new initiatives it hopes will "raise the standard of service quality" to the Hybrid Coaxial-Fibre part of the network. To do so, new connections have been halted, effective immediately. </p> <p>If you are in an area set to get HFC, and haven't already - this means you're going to be waiting at least six months longer for your NBN.

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In a statement released earlier today, the Australian Greens NBN spokesperson Senator Jordon Steele-John said Australians need a National Broadband Network for the digital future, not further delays to an already outdated system.

“Yesterday it was announced there would be up to 9 months delays for customers slated to connect to the NBN via Hybrid Fibre Coaxial to perform further testing. In practice this will mean those customers are simply waiting 9 months longer for sub-standard connectivity,” Senator Steele-John said.

“The Turnbull government must acknowledge that their mixed-technology compromise using outdated Fibre to the Nodetechnology will cost far more in the long term and hamper our capabilities relative to other countries.”

Senator Steele-John pointed out that access to the internet is a human right, and Fibre to the Premises technology is the only long-term solution to meet Australia’s current and future broadband needs.

“We have an opportunity to build a high speed, national system that would raise Australia’s digital readiness and bring our speeds into line with world leaders such as South Korea and Japan,” Senator Steele-John said.

“Australians are fed up with the NBN compromise and want access to a network that meets our current and future digital needs. The Australian Greens will continue to champion that right.”

Turnbull Slammed Over NBN HFC Delay: 'What Have You Been Hiding?'

The Shadow Minister for Communications has asked Malcolm Turnbull the question many have been thinking. "What are you hiding from the Australian people about the HFC network? What have you been hiding?"</p> <p>The question comes following the announcement from NBN HFC rollout has been "paused" - effective immediately - while work is carried out on existing connections.

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Watch The NBN Get Roasted (If Your Internet Is Fast Enough)

Video. "Copper, copper, punch it in the face! NBN Network you're a national disgrace!"</p> <p>As one commenter suggested. Watch this video at 240p for the best experience - not that you likely have any choice.

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