5 Things You Can Do With Animoji

The new iPhone X has some pretty incredible features, such as the Face ID biometric lock that lets me open the phone with a look, and the huge display that takes up the majority of the front of the phone. It also has animoji, a new iMessage app that uses the Face ID sensor module to track you facial movements and map those movements to animated emoji.

Image: Gizmodo/Screenshot

I know you're very curious as to what you can actually do with one of these things, so I've bravely been testing them on friends, family and colleagues to figure out five of the very best things you should do with an animoji.

Creating them is relatively easy. You just open iMessage, choose the contact you went to send them to, and then choose the little Applications logo to show all your iMessages apps. From there it is as simple as choosing the Animoji logo (a monkey) and hitting record.



    So it's doing a snapchat. How original.

      I’m a long time Apple user and even I cannot believe that Animoji is what they decided to promote with regards to the tech.

      Google will follow suit and then the whole world will be using these things.

      I’d be more impressed if they did something like integrating Face ID into CarPlay to restrict who could drive the vehicle, and touted that as a feature (I’m sure there’s more to it, I’m feeling pretty simple this morning..), but no, we get AniFrickenMoji.

        I like your idea about using face ID in your car. Maybe you should take over from Cook cause he seems to have no clue and yes i was expecting something better from Apple too. This was their big chance but they blew it. Oh well, the phone itself is alright although the gestures to do anything might confuse a lot of people. Wouldn't be surprised if they move to onscreen buttons in later editions of the phone.

      Actually it's doing it in a more detailed way and Snapchat is on board with it.
      It maps more of your face, facial expressions and movements.

      So instead of a filter just resting against your face/head, the components of the filter/animoji actually move and respond to your facial expressions. Far more advanced than before.

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