'We've Got This In Hand': Malcolm Turnbull Slammed For Brushing Aside NBN Concerns

Image: iStock

This morning our PM was on the radio, having a chat about the NBN - as you do - and when asked about the rollout (and its many issues) Turnbull replied with, "I think we’ve got this in hand".

It's a statement that caused Shadow Minister for Communications Michelle Rowland to compile a veritable laundry list of reasons why Turnbull's assertions just aren't gonna wash with the public.

Here's Rowland's list:

"Not only is the Prime Minister delivering a network that costs more and does less, but he is creating an unforgivable digital divide with his flawed multi-technology mix," Rowland says.

"He should at least have the humility to accept his NBN failures, and get on with the job of fixing them."


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