Twitter Users Have Feelings About The Porgs From The Last Jedi

Twitter Users Have Feelings About The Porgs From The Last Jedi

The new trailer for The Last Jedi dropped yesterday. And it’s all some Star Wars nerds are talking about. But it’s clear that one character stole the show. That’s right. It’s porg time, baby.

Every Star Wars trilogy needs its cuddly comic relief. The Return of the Jedi had the Ewoks, Episodes I-III tried to make Jar Jar Binks a thing, and now The Last Jedi is introducing us to the porgs, a bird-like creature that hails from the island of Ahch-To. And people have feelings.

Some people love the Porgs, and others hate them. Like really, really hate them. But however you feel about them, you probably felt it hard. And we’ve collected some of those feelings below.

Twitter’s favourite Photoshopper, Darth, did a new movie poster with the porgs getting a slightly more prominent role:

Some people really love the porgs, and expressed their absolute devotion:

While others took that devotion to another level:

There were takes on a familiar meme, which doesn’t seem to want to die:

The porg also seems to be like a perfect vehicle for expressing your emotions:

And then there was just a good old fashioned Star Wars nerd joke:

Others pointed out the business reasons that the porgs have graced our screens:

And some people really got cynical about the fact that the porgs exist as a marketing ploy:

And where would we be without a Star Wars/Star Trek troll? Darth, yet again, provides us with the cream of the crop:

Then there’s the more absurdist troll variety. Or perhaps just a genius origin story:

And then there was this hot take, which Gizmodo fully endorses:

What do you think of the Porgs? Do you love them? Do you hate them? How many porg dolls do you expect you’ll buy and do you think that alone will surpassed gross receipts for the movie? Because I guarantee it will.