This Delightful LEGO Contraption Deals With Trick-Or-Treaters For You

Video: The lead up to Halloween is one of the best times of the year, with spooky parties, scary movies, and copious amounts of cheap lollies in stores. But Halloween night, when you're constantly running to the door to give away your coveted chocolate stocks, is less enjoyable. So why not build a LEGO robot to deal with trick-or-treaters instead?

Jason Allemann's latest creation is a miniature chocolate bar factory that delivers treats, via conveyor belt, to an open skeleton's hand that quickly closes when a trick-or-treater is detected trying to reach for it. Alternately, a giant LEGO spider leaps forward when a hand approaches. It's a fun contraption, but not exactly something you can leave on your front porch doling out chocolate while you head to bed - unless you're OK with all of your chocolate and expensive LEGO Mindstorms all disappearing.

[JK Brickworks]

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