The Dynamic Duo Behind Harley Quinn’s Resurgence Are Leaving The Series Behind

The Dynamic Duo Behind Harley Quinn’s Resurgence Are Leaving The Series Behind

Even though DC was built on the backs of its iconic trinity, there’s no denying that in more recent years, the comics giant’s brand has been largely bolstered by one Harleen Quinzel, everyone’s favourite clown-themed antihero-cum-medical health professional.

Image: DC Comics

Though the character originated on Batman: The Animated Series, her presence in DC’s comics has been a testament to the idea of a good, compelling character being able to become an integral part of an already rich and long-existing canon. A large part of what’s made Harley’s comics self so compelling to follow all of these years were Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, the married, writer-illustrator duo who’ve headed up Harley’s books since 2013. After a successful run as part of both DC’s New 52 and Rebirth projects, the pair is leaving Harley behind at a time when the character’s popularity is at an all-time high.

Speaking to The Washington Post, Palmiotti joked that he and his wife could finally get a chance to take a long-overdue honeymoon and get a chance to actually spend the money that they have made bringing Harley to life. When asked about why they’re leaving the series at right this moment, Conner expressed her desire to take a step back and get back to drawing — her original passion — after pulling double-duty as both an artist and a co-writer.

Palmiotti added that he and Conner realised that they had an opportunity to end their run on the Harley Quinn on the highest of high notes when she’s one of DC’s most immediately recognisable characters that the public still loves.

Said Palmiotti:

“We love this character, but we felt like, a lot of times you work on books and the sales drop and the character isn’t popular anymore. With Harley Quinn we figured, well, let’s take a nice break while the character is essentially as hot as ever.”

Beginning with issue #35, Harley Quinn will be written by Frank Tieri with illustrations from artist Inaki Miranda. Palmiotti and Conner’s last issue on the series hits stands December 20.