Tesla’s New Adelaide Store Is All About Renewable Energy

Tesla’s New Adelaide Store Is All About Renewable Energy

Tesla continues to slowly roll out more stores around Australia, and the latest is in SA — the state that might just be Elon Musk’s favourite, given the giant battery currently being installed there. The new Tesla store at Westfield Marion is, appropriately, more about renewable energy storage than it is about the company’s electric car fleet.

The new Tesla store at Westfield Marion “will educate the public on how to generate, store and use renewable energy for their home” in concert with solar power, and Tesla is pushing the idea of energy security and reliability during grid outages. A Model X is on display at the pop-up location, but the attraction is a one-on-one demonstration of the Powerwall 2 home and commercial battery system.

The giant 100MW/129MWh Powerpack at the Hornsdale wind farm near Jamestown in SA’s Mid North region being built by Tesla is the world’s largest, and the grid interconnection agreement for the installation was signed last Friday — giving the company 100 days to complete the project. Tesla already has a considerable head start on the construction.

From Tesla:

“Tesla’s retail model, which is direct to customer, allows for future owners of the Powerwall to understand their home or business energy use and learn how they can achieve energy security. Powerwall allows owners to utilise their solar array to its maximum benefit with the recent removal of high feed-in tariffs, whilst also offering the option for back up should there be a grid outage. Tesla’s store extends the investment into South Australia, allowing for residents to take control of their energy, whilst doing so in a sustainable and reliable way.”