Some Very Lovely Giant Robots, And More Of The Most Wonderful Toys Of The Week

Some Very Lovely Giant Robots, And More Of The Most Wonderful Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our round up of all the delightful toys hurtling around the internet demanding our attention this week. This time, everything is giant! (Except for the very tiny lightsaber remote!) But apart from that, if you want large robots, large dinosaurs, and large Jason Momoas, we’ve got the toys for you.

Hot Toys 1/6-Scale Justice League Aquaman Figure

Once the butt of endless superhero jokes, the forthcoming Justice League might finally bring Aquaman some respect, especially with Jason Momoa in the role. Hot Toys has just revealed its sixth-scale figure version of the character, and it’s easy to overlook the questionable sculpt of his face because you won’t be able to take your eyes off that luscious flowing mane. Available sometime next year for what will be probably be well north of $US200 ($256), the figure boasts 30 points of articulation, a trident weapon accessory, and an incredibly detailed scale-patterned set of armour. [Hot Toys]

Pacific Rim Uprising Robot Spirits Figures

What beats a movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters? Toys of said monster-fighting giant robots. After teasing a few at San Diego Comic Con, Bandai has announced the rest of its 6″ “Robot Spirits” figures for some of the other mecha in the new Pacific Rim movie. This time we’ve got the heroic Jaegers on the left and right above: the electro-whip-wielding Guardian Bravo (left), and the plasma-katana-waving Saber Athena (right). And then, in the middle: a new Jaeger briefly seen fighting the other Jaegers in the recent trailer, named Obsidian Fury, which is a very good name for a possibly evil giant robot. All three of these Jaegers will be available in Japan in March of next year, for 3,300 Yen (around $US30 ($38)) each. [Tokunation]

Chronicle Collectibles 1:24-Scale Jurassic World Indominus Rex

What happens when you start playing Mother Nature to fast-track dinosaur evolution? You get a decent sequel to the original Jurassic Park, with a new dinosaur called the Indominus Rex that’s genetically engineered to sell toys and collectibles. Jurassic World’s most digital co-star is now available as a 76cm long sculpture from Chronicle Collectibles, featuring incredible detailing, a fantastic paint job, and an equally staggering $US750 ($959) price tag. Even John Hammond would have second thoughts. [Chronicle Collectibles via Toyark]

Chewbacca Wookiee Fur Texture Tie

You really need to question the decisions you’ve made in life if heading off to work requires you to knot a strip of fabric around your neck. But you can at least maintain some level of individualism in corporate America by swapping out your boring striped ties with this Star Wars-inspired alternative covered in a Wookiee fur pattern. Made from 100 per cent silk, the tie lets you tell your co-workers that if they see you standing at the water cooler, you’re only interested in talking Star Wars — so maybe go get a soda instead. [ThinkGeek]

Batman Black and White Figures

DC Collectibles goes all-out for its comic book figures, not just bringing characters off the page and onto your shelf, but in ranges like the Designer Series, even replicating Toyark]

Alien Acid Drip Coaster Set

Our second reaction to this Alien-themed coaster set from ThinkGeek, right after thinking, “oh, cool” was, “wait, won’t a giant hole in the middle of each coaster let condensation still drip onto the coffee table?” The first three coasters in this set, which look like glow-in-the-dark Xenomorph blood has burned through a concrete slab, are probably not as effective as the fourth, which just features a puddle of the green stuff. We’re usually all-in when it comes to novelty coasters, but $US30 ($38) is a hard sell for something that might not actually work as you need it. [ThinkGeek]

Takara Tomy Luke’s Lightsaber TV Remote

Can you even remember the last time you flipped through channels looking for something to watch? The TV remote is no longer one of the most coveted gadgets in your home, but maybe that’s partly because it isn’t shaped like Luke’s lightsaber from Star Wars: A New Hope. Takara Tomy isn’t the first to market a lightsaber-themed learning remote, but this one’s small enough to comfortably wield throughout Netflix marathons, and the tip glows so it will be easier to find when it gets buried in the couch cushions. But at $US42 ($54), available come December, will it work with our Apple TV boxes? [Toy People News]