Snapchat Has An Awesome Augmented Reality Filter For Stranger Things

Video: Stranger Things drops today on Netflix, and there's one particularly cool celebration of that auspicious occasion coming your way — courtesy of Snapchat, of all companies. You can use your phone's camera to walk around Joyce Byers' living room, complete with creepy-ass Demogorgon and alphabet scrawled onto the wall.

This is Snapchat's first ever portal World Lens, we're told, letting you move around your environment — where possible, at least — to walk into the room. You need an iPhone (6S or later) running iOS 11 to get the full augmented reality experience, but if there's not an appropriate space in front of you, or you're not on a compatible phone, you'll pop into the middle of the room.

To find the Stranger Things filter, you've just got to open the Snapchat app and tap your face like you normally would to find a filter. Alternatively, if you press and hold the screen while the Stranger Things theme is playing somewhere around you, Snapchat's integeration with Shazam will drop you right in the right place.

Snapchat makes all its Lenses in house, apparently, in about six weeks from go to whoa — much quicker than shooting and cutting together an entire TV commercial. And they're more fun, too — as well as probably reaching more people. The other half of the filter — you know, the bit for your face — is a very Elevenesque nosebleed.

Images: Netflix

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