Reawaken Your Clown Terrors By Watching (Most Of) It's Terrifying Opening Scene

Video: One of the reasons Stephen King's It is so good is that shocking opening scene. Pennywise lurking in the sewer, coaxing Georgie, is terrifying and unforgettable, whether it's on the page, on TV, or - most recently - on the big screen. You can see why here.

Image: Warner Bros.

Fandango has premiered a good chunk of It's first sequence, which you can watch below. Bill Skarsgård's performance is simply chilling; that alone makes it worth watching, whether you want to revisit it or see it for the first time.

Now, here's the problem with that clip. Trimming the stuff before it - with Georgie and his big brother Bill making the paper boat in the house - is understandable. But this excerpt cuts RIGHT at the highest moment of terror, the moment where Pennywise finally acts.

Guess we'll just have to wait for It to come home to watch the rest of this gruesome scene, which perfectly sets up the rest of the film's horrors that follow. It is still in theatres and is expected for home release later this year.


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