Philips Un-Haunted Manly Quarantine Station With Smart Lights

Video: Philips has new lights in its Hue line-up, cheaper ones that only create white light from cool to warm rather than the reds and greens and blues of the original Hue. White light can be invigorating and calming across its different temperatures -- but calming enough to exorcise a bunch of ghosts? We'll be the judge of that, Philips.

Obviously this is just a fun stunt because obviously ghosts aren't real, but it's fun nonetheless. Manly Quarantine Station is one of Australia's most haunted sites, at least according to the people that want to sell you a ghost tour, but Philips proves -- to the sceptics like me, at least -- that ghost stories are just stories, and that if you've got some nice calming lighting and a comfortable bed you can sleep through anything.

You can buy a single Hue white bulb for $49.95 and a two-bulb starter kit -- with Hue Wi-Fi bridge and a dimmer switch -- for $189.95 from the Apple Store or Harvey Norman. If you don't need fancy colours, that's a pretty significant saving from the Hue white and colour bulbs which are $89.95 each or $289.95 for the kit. [Philips]


    I have never been there but a haunted place makes me think of flaming sconces.

    How about Philips brings out dimmers and switches for existing lights. Surely most people that would spend money on smart gadgets are likely home owners with down lights.

      They exist, just google 'smart home light switch' or similar. Don't forget though that you will generally still have to pay someone to install them. Because of that, you probably want to do all of them at once making for a bigger up front cost.

      Globes can be added to one or two at a time as you expand, which may be a more preferable option to some. Basically, there are pros and cons both ways.

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