How Do You Even Pilot A 720km/h RC Plane?

We've seen remote control aeroplanes powered by tiny jet engines before. But what's mind-blowing about this particular RC craft is that it weighs just 8kg but can blast through the skies at an astonishing 720km/h, making you wonder how any human has the reflexes needed to keep this thing from crashing.

Launched by an elastic band catapult, the delta-wing RC plane needs to be moving at a certain speed before its stubby wings produce enough lift for it to fly. Now obviously fighter pilots manage to wrangle aircraft at speeds that exceed well over 1600km/h, but it's an easier feat when you're actually sitting in the aircraft, or have a first-person view like drone pilots do.

When you're remotely flying a plane at 720km/h while looking up at it from the ground, just maintaining visibility seems almost impossible when the aircraft can race through your field of vision in just a few seconds. But somehow this pilot makes it look as easy as throwing a paper aeroplane.


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