Here’s Virgin Mobile’s Plan Pricing For The iPhone X

Here’s Virgin Mobile’s Plan Pricing For The iPhone X

Pre-orders for the iPhone X kick off tomorrow evening at 6:01PM AEDT, and Virgin is shouting loud and clear that it has the plans you want. You’ll be able to get an iPhone X from $92 a month with Virgin with 2GB of data, including a bunch of extra goodies.

The iPhone X drops in Australia on November 3, and it’ll be available from all the major telcos — the other three of whom will likely announce their plans right smack bang on 6PM. Virgin’s confidence is nice for me, because it means I won’t have to work back as late on Friday, and it’s nice for you — because you get an idea of how much a shiny new all-screen iPhone might cost you over 24 months.

Virgin’s promoting its $99 plan with 5GB of data as the hero for iPhone X, but if you sign up to any plan before November 8 you’ll get a chunky bonus data gift of between 10GB and 20GB, which is applied on your first month and will roll over until you’ve used it all. You also get quota-free music streaming from Spotify, iHeartRadio and Google Play Music.

Want a sneak peek at the plans before pre-orders open at 6:01PM on the 27th? Here you go. [Virgin Mobile]

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