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Video: You won’t be able to top an actual real life speeder bike from Return of the Jedi. Or two of them.

This video is the result of some incredible hard work over months by YouTubers Jesse Wellen and Casey Neistat, and the effort that has gone into creating not one but two faux-levitating speeder bikes is clear.

The end result is a speeder bike chase through the streets of New York. Fewer trees than on Endor, but more potholes and yellow cabs. It’s great, until the entire squad gets pulled over by the cops. (Not really. They get away. And that’s not a real cop. But still.)

Here’s how the bikes were put together, using Super 73 electric motorbikes and a shell of expanding foam on top of a cardboard skeleton — Casey’s making of explains more.

I kinda want one of those bikes, now.