DC’s Dark Nights: Metal Is Getting A Soundtrack Of Heavy Metal Bangers

DC’s Dark Nights: Metal Is Getting A Soundtrack Of Heavy Metal Bangers

Image: DC Comics. Dark Nights Metal art by Greg Capullo.

It’s hard to imagine a comics event like DC’s Dark Nights: Metal, which features superhero mecha, bondage Joker Batman from an alternate dimension, and a weaponised infant god, without an absolutely ostentatious soundtrack in your head to go with it. Now it’s going to get one in real life, too.

The Batman-centric event comic series, helmed by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, will be receiving a six-track EP from Warner Bros. Records. The album will be produced by Tyler Bates, who plays guitar for Marilyn Manson and has worked on films like Watchmen, 300, and Guardians of the Galaxy, and Mike Elizondo, the senior vice president of A&R at Warner Bros. Records.

“As both a musician and a fan of heavy metal music, having a soundtrack for Dark Nights: Metal is pretty awesome,” Greg Capullo told Comicbook.com. “I really like the concept of having hard-driving, heavy music as a complement to the incredible story that Scott and I are telling.”

No word yet on a release date, but when it comes out it won’t be alone in the panthean of DC superhero soundtracks: earlier this year Black Canary got a three-song EP to commemorate her reimagining as an indie rocker in 2015’s Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu Black Canary series. It was, so Charles tells me, pretty good, too.

If this new album is even a third as over-the-top as Dark Nights: Metal, I’m looking forward to it.