Become A Video Editing Wizard With This KVM Sharing Switch

Become A Video Editing Wizard With This KVM Sharing Switch

Video editing is tough. Editing photography is tough. It’s processor intensive, time intensive and resource intensive and if you’re working to tight deadlines across multiple different projects sometimes one laptop or one desktop isn’t enough. Working on two screens is a given, but often you’ll find yourself working across two different computers.

How can you handle that in a time effective manner?

Might we suggest using a KVM sharing switch?

A KVM switch enables easy switching between a single keyboard and mouse setup, as well as juggling video and peripherals between two separate computers with a single button push.

That’s where the US7220 Thunderbolt 2 Sharing Switch comes in. With the US7220, two Thunderbolt enabled computers can share up to 11 peripherals with 20 GBs per second transfer rate, making for a lightning fast experience. Monitors, keyboards, mice, HD cameras, printers — nothing is out of bounds here.

It is, essentially, the fastest KVM sharing switch ever built.

If you’re a fast moving editor working with huge amounts of data and multiple different devices across two different computers, this is the kind of technology that makes your life easier. You’re rendering video on one computer, editing images on the other. Instead of worrying about your CPU resources being drained, you’re working efficiently and intelligently with the same peripherals — moving between the two is seamless. Using the US7220 means you have one less thing to worry about. It’s the dream: all your devices connected in one hub, with the best possible sound and image clarity to boot. Perfect.

You can find out more about the US7220 here.

And if you’re interested in picking up a a US7220 in Australia, you can find out where to buy here.