You Can Watch Star Trek: Discovery With Klingon Subtitles

Star Trek: Discovery is the sixth and newest TV series in the long-running cultural phenomenon that is Trek, and it brings the show’s long-time protagonists — those pesky Klingons — back to the fore. If you want to get into the swing of things properly and understand what Discovery might be like if you were watching on the Klingon homeworld of Klinzhai, Netflix has enabled a little Easter Egg for its Aussie audience: subtitles for the entire series in Klingon.

The video above, shared exclusively with Gizmodo by Netflix, shows you what Star Trek: Discovery would be like if it were dubbed entirely in Klingon. Unsurprisingly, it’s a little bit harsh on the ears. Instead, Netflix has chosen a much more reasonable Easter Egg for fans — the entire 15-episode run of Discovery will have an option to view subtitles in the Klingon language of tlhIngan Hol. As well as, y’know, English, and every other one normally available.

Out of the 695 episodes of Star Trek currently on Netflix in Australia, Deep Space Nine‘s The Way of the Warrior, Part 1 is the most re-watched episode with a Klingon storyline in it. TNG episodes account for the next four most popular, though — Yesterday’s Enterprise, Redemption, Redemption II and Reunion.

The debut episode of Star Trek: Discovery dropped today at 5PM AEST, with every additional episode being released at 5PM AEST each Monday in Australia (that’s 24 hours after the US airdate) for its 15-week run.

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